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Hans K

Hans K

Designers from P.O. Box 36, Kinna, Sweden
Hans K is a Swedish furniture company that designs customized solid wood furniture for both private and public environments. The collection consists of chairs with a high seating comfort, dining tables, couches, occational tables, arm chairs, cabinets and media benches for your interior decoration.

To create modern, trendy and timeless furniture has always been our passion. But the driving force behind it all - is you. Because no matter what you look for, one thing is crucial: The furniture should feel right - right for you.

Hans K creates furniture with an honest care for details. It is in Skene, on the west coast of Sweden, where our ideas are born and come to life. We use our knowledge in personal and comfortable furniture in solid wood where we show respect for the environment as well as for the quality and the consumer's freedom to customize their choices. In the end, it is with your heart and your gut that you make your personal choice. You ask yourself "is this me"?
- Choose the furniture that fits your style.
Feel the surface - quality in every wood fiber. Have a seat - the comfort make you one with the furniture.
Sincerely you.

With roots in Hyssna, Sweden
Hyssna is a place which is often associated with furniture making. For more than a century Hans Karlsson´s forerunners and family have been manufacturing furniture in Hyssna. Hans himself started working with furniture in the beginning of the 1950’s. It was that man's passion for decorating that launched what today has become a successful international furniture producing design company.
To this day the family tradition still lives on. His children, Henrik and Helena Karlsson are also deeply involved with the company. The journey continues.
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