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Helbig is mainly known as the producer of qualitative and creative modular systems for shop fitting. In retail, our display systems are used in clothing and shoe stores, optic stores and stores for leather goods, in pharmacies and in the food sector (bakeries and butcheries) for the decoration or redecoration. The classic shop fitting get an innovative interpretation and provide a unique shopping experience.

At Helbig, you, a retailer, a decorator, an architect, a window dresser, ..., can also come for the support in visual merchandising (VM). We give advice and bring inspiration in developing a unique store concept. By taking into account the different facets of VM, the customers of your store or commercial space experience the ultimate shop experience. VM is the silent force behind a strong store concept, the reason why shoppers prefer your store.

What we have is unique!
Helbig distinguishes itself by focusing on:

Warm service and customer proximity
You are a retailer, shop fitter, designer, window dresser, shop manager, architect,... It is our dream to work with you professionally and personally. Our goal is that you, our customer, gets the feeling that we are part of your activity. We want to be the natural choice for your unique shop project. To reach this, we try our best to match our service en processes with your needs. We aim to be cordially and considerate with all our contacts, we call it 'warm kindness'.

Unique shopping experience
We believe that there is a shift occurring in the shopping behavior from functional to emotional satisfaction. Retail concepts are more and more searching for a unique and authentic shopping, one that fits the character of the clothing or shoe store, the optic store or leather goods store, the pharmacy, the bakery or the butchery. Therefore, we want to be your only interlocutor, who develops the right displaysolutions itself.
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