Herrljunga Terrazzo
Herrljunga Terrazzo

Herrljunga Terrazzo

Manufacturers from Verkstadsgatan 20, 524 21 Herrljunga, Sweden
Sure we’ve been around a long time, but that’s nothing compared to our products
We just have to accept it; we were not first. As early as the antiquity, Romans and Greeks mixed water, cement and marble to produce beautiful, durable floors. Without a doubt, terrazzo was here to stay.
The terrazzo business began here in Herrljunga in the middle of Västergötland County, back in 1929 when cement casters Herrljunga Cementgjuteri was established. In the 1960s, the company became part of Strängbetong, and as part of the latter’s outsourcing strategy in 2002, Herrljunga Terrazzo AB was allowed to become an independent, stand-alone company.

We are proud to continue this outstanding artisanal tradition dating back thousands of years. Terrazzo is an exciting material, and no matter how long we go on, the potential design variations are never ending. We enjoy stimulating collaborations with architects, interior designers, designers, artists and construction industry colleagues and we never cease to marvel at how design-friendly the material is. Over the years, countless variations have been developed in our terrazzo lab by employees, visiting architects and designers alike.

We also act as advisers and experts in our field. As a material, terrazzo is easy to maintain, unusually durable and is also sustainable from an environmental perspective. It’s excellent for flooring, stairs, worktops, wall cladding and artistic decoration – to mention but a few examples. For our part, we’re passionate about terrazzo and its advantages and love to use our expertise to achieve the best end results possible. It’s why we prefer to take part in the whole process, from early planning to completed project.

While terrazzo is stylistically pure, it can still be personal. People shape the design and geographical areas leave their mark through the types of rock selected. For example, we use Italian marble and stone from Scandinavian bedrock, two areas that have special places in our hearts.

Fashions, demands and dreams come and go, but terrazzo has a wonderful ability to be both timeless and modern. Today, everything is possible – just as it was thousands of years ago. That’s the way we see things here at Herrljunga Terrazzo.