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Architects from Rijnkaai 22/201, B-2000 Antwerp, Belgium
HUB is an office for architecture and urban design.
Founded in 2004, we have since built up a solid reputation with a broad portfolio of projects aimed at making an active contribution to society. Construction – from concept to reality – remains a through-and-through cultural and economic activity for us; one that adds a new layer to the social fabric. Well designed spaces enable people to lead better lives. They can support a sustainable transition and create opportunities for future generations. This consciousness fuels our search for the most generous and clear answers to the questions put before us. We believe in the idea of ‘intelligent’ space and give it form in the answers we provide.

With extensive experience working at multiple scale levels, we have become strong in ‘focus-depth’. As a result, we are able to bring the smallest detail into focus without losing a sense of the big picture. This is the most important aspect of our added value and unique selling proposition.

HUB develops architecture that creates structure within the urban context, and urban development solutions that speak from an architectural and architectonic reality. That is our focus. The client’s request, together with its socio-cultural significance, lie at the heart of our thinking and doing. The projects we work on are not vehicles for our own egos or any other hidden agenda. Our designs come to fruition from the perspective of a critical and investigative attitude. In this sense, we always aim to arrive at a precise and complete insight into every problem and the context and dynamics of the spatial evolutionary process. We prefer to get involved early on in the process and tackle assignments on a long-term basis. That is how we account for the necessary depth.

It is of crucial importance for us to focus completely on our core competencies while nonetheless delivering an integral final product. Which is why we prefer to work within a network of partners with complementary expertise.

HUB is the hub of this network, a bureau which designs within a culture of co-creation. It is only then that we can guarantee critical yet result-oriented reflection within our team. It has made us a unique partner for solving specific spatial challenges but also a one-stop shop for a comprehensive approach to all the questions that arise in connection with any given project.

Our organization is light and flexible, but still capable of taking final responsibility in complex, large-scale projects.

Our organisation is fuelled by knowledge, skill and imagination. Our team is made up of highly trained, broad-thinking people, aimed at developing a considerable degree of autonomy within a culture of co-authorship.

HUB currently totals 28 employees of which 2 are managing partners, 5 team leaders, 20 project architects and 1 office manager.