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Green is clean (and always has been)! “Green,” “ECO friendly” and other such slogans, tied to a logo with a leaf or other print in a green color, are the latest in politically correct marketing. Just as “Y2K compatible” was big at the turn of the millennium, any opportunity for a company to jump on board with the latest and greatest catch phrase or marketing trend is embellished.

At HYDRO SYSTEMS, today’s environment and tomorrow’s future are not catch phrases or marketing opportunities, but rather commitments and part of a corporate governance that has been promoted and advanced over the past 30 years.

“We were doing what was right for the environment years before it was in the mainstream. It is second nature to HYDRO SYSTEMS” says Scott Steinhardt, President of HYDRO SYSTEMS. “Whereas I applaud the fact that it is now ‘politically correct’ to take care of the environment and do what is right, we have been doing it for years and not for the accolades. We do it because it is right and makes sense.”
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