Manufacturers from Ctra. N-IIa, km 460,2, Lleida, Spain
We take care of everything. And we do it well.
Because at IASO we specialize in sun protection. Because we know the whole process. From start to finish. That is why we can take care of everything. From the initial sketch to manufacturing and installation. And of course maintenance. And everything with the same guarantee: customer satisfaction.

We spoil the details. From start to finish.
Because the details make the difference. And taking care of these details is the best guarantee for the product and the customer. This is how we understand consistency. And this is what we put into practice.

Innovative by definition.
Because we love what we do. Because we love progressing. That is why we're going to the most important fairs. That is why we participate in European projects such as Context-t or SmartBlind. Because only with innovation can you offer new solutions. This is how we understand added value.

We adapt to the customer. And to your project.
Not all customers are the same. Neither are all the projects. There are ideas and different spaces. All their own. Projects that require a different solution. New. Custom. A solution that suits individual needs. That meets expectations. And that surpass them.

Complicated? Tell me what colour you prefer.
We like challenges. The project is complex? It hasn't been done before? Better. Challenges encourage us. And generate new solutions.

We love the light.
Yes. Because although we are specialists in protectors and coverings, we like light. That is why we look for solutions to protect but not obscure. Functional, but also light. Dynamic. Transparent or translucent. Open and modern.