IMERYS Roof Tiles
IMERYS Roof Tiles

IMERYS Roof Tiles

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IMERYS Roof Tiles: French leader of clay roof tiles

IMERYS Roof Tiles have successfully evolved and expanded our manufacturing capabilities due to visionary corporate planning & integration of 11 quality brands including Gilardoni ,Saint Germer, Wardrecques, & Sainte Foy. This amalgamation of experience and heritage within the most respected leading brands in France has allowed Imerys to provide creative and innovative solutions while maintaining sustainable & environmental standards throughout our production process.

IMERYS Roof Tiles has a long history of developing and perfecting the clay roof tile for an increasingly demanding clientele of users and specifiers.

Today you have at your disposal an extensive and attractive portfolio of IMERYS Roof Tiles in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colours.
With a range of product innovations combined with the wide variety of IMERYS quality clays from our 12 production sites we are able to provide durable quality products with the longevity of yesteryear.

When selecting an IMERYS roof tile you enjoy the peace of mind and reassurance that can only be gained from over 200 years of manufacturing heritage, making IMERYS Roof Tiles the natural choice for your next project.
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