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Why choose IPBuiding? Simplicity Your ease-of-use is key to IPBuilding. We aim to reduce the complexity for our customers to its absolute minimum so that anyone can control his or her intelligent home him or herself, without the need for a technician. By means of a PC or a touchscreen device, it is possible to easily make the desired adaptations. If you for example wish for a certain button to control a different light source than is currently the case, then you yourself can change this through our software. Additionally, it is possible to set up your garden lighting to be controllable from your kitchen, bedroom and/or living room. Moreover, all of these things are realizable without the demolishment and rewiring of your house! Flexible IPBuilding is extremely flexible for you, both now and in the future. You can choose yourself which brand of switches you might prefer. Whether you would opt for simplicity or rather for high-end design, any switch can easily be integrated into the network of IPBuilding. The result is that you are not bound to one particular manufacturer. The same goes for any other device that you may want to connect to the system. • Wherever you are, IPBuilding allows you to remote-control your home or building at any time. If you have installed IP cameras, you will also be able to see what is happening when in and around your house. • You can easily manage the system through luxurious touchscreens that will be installed in your home. Laptops, tablets or smartphones, however, will also allow you to remote-control your home. Wherever you are, you decide what happens when. • With the IPBuilding systems, you can easily give a new purpose and function to existing rooms in both offices and homes. As such, it is possible to refurbish a nursery into an office space without the need to demolish or pay extra. This way, lifelong living is maximally supported. • The system of IPBuilding is centered around modules. This allows you to easily expand the system in the future. In this respect, it is possible to start out with a basic package, which later on can be expanded with e.g. the energy package or the security package. Independent IPBuilding’s technology is based on the open internet protocol (IP protocol). This global standard is being used in many modern-day applications, and IPBuilding is capable of integrating all of these into your system. Moreover, the technology is open and available for anyone, which guarantees continuity in the future, regardless of IPBuilding itself. Manufacturers which have opted for their own wiring and hub systems are much more limited in the number of available applications, and thus less flexible. In addition to all of these advantages, it is also noteworthy that the number of manufacturers and brands that operate through the IP protocol is daily on the increase, which enlarges your freedom of choice. Reliable The solutions offered by IPBuilding have been used in daily practice for many years, much to the satisfaction of our customers. IPBuilding works with standard techniques and parts. Furthermore, our installers are trained specifically in the implementation of our systems and are frequently provided with updates so that you, as a customer, can trust our highly qualitative and reliable solutions. Service IPBuilding bases her success on her reliable, custom-made installations that can develop along with your needs and desires. In order to support these installations, IPBuilding ensures that you can see most of your questions and problems answered online (without the need for a technician). We also make sure that you regularly receive new applications and updates to keep your system up-to-date. This way, we guarantee a fast and efficient service. Affordable The IP technology on which IPBuilding is based is an extensively-used protocol that is integrated in many existing devices. This means that there is a very wide assortment of quality IP-based products available on the market. The result is that IPBuilding has a much larger choice of quality systems than its competitors. This translates itself into a superior quality and flexibility on the one hand, and a lower price tag on the other. IPBuilding hence is cheaper yet better than other systems on the market.
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