Manufacturers from 89100 Sens, France
Backed by more than 50 years of experience, ISOSTA INTERNATIONAL is recognized as a leading manufacturer of facade panels. ISOSTA INTERNATIONAL develops, designs and manufactures ready to fit and made-to-measure facade panels, according to all project specifications.

With eight factories and an annual production of 2 million sqm, including the range of facade panels lined with aluminium and aluminium composite cladding, ISOSTA INTERNATIONAL has a unique production facility, allowing it to answer every order in the shortest time.

1) Aesthetic, acoustic, thermal and fire resistant panels

The ISOSTA INTERNATIONAL offer is segmented into desired properties. The construction requirements change quickly, that’s why ISOSTA INTERNATIONAL innovates and reinvents its offer in building facade.

Expert for more than 50 years, ISOSTA INTERNATIONAL manufactures at the same time filling elements for light facades and curtain walls, according to your specifications, in order to answer your expectations:
- Architectural style,
- Thermal and / or acoustic performance,
- Personal safety, fire resistance.

2) Architectural cladding solutions

ISOSTA INTERNATIONAL- expert in processing aluminium and composite
materials- provides you with several references of aluminium and aluminium composite materials. Thus you have a choice of a wide range of materials each with their own characteristics, thicknesses and shades to best suit your specifications. Designed for both haute couture buildings and more modest operations, the materials offered and processed by ISOSTA INTERNATIONAL suit all types of requests and budgets.

ISOSTA INTERNATIONAL offers a design service tailored to your needs and the complexity of your project. It provides turnkey solutions that give you full control over your project, providing complete peace of mind. The High-end design package includes:
- 3D sizing
- Calculation notes
- Prototypes, mock-ups and technical production design

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