ISTUDIO Architects

ISTUDIO Architects

Architects from Washington D.C., DC, United States
We are passionate about forming thoughtful, delightful, and sustainable communities through architecture, design, and planning.

Design shapes our cities and towns physically, culturally, and emotionally. For nearly 20 years, we at ISTUDIO have dedicated ourselves to the issues of design, architecture, and urbanism. We have collaborated with clients and communities around the globe to increase access to beautiful places and spaces — where we live, work, learn, play, and dream.

Whether a city, campus, or single building, no detail is too small and no master plan is too grand. Ideas are our currency. We designed the first solar chimney for a public school in the history of our nation’s capitol. We transformed an “unusable hillside” at a neighborhood park into a thriving community garden. We developed a salt storage facility into an award-winning design solution. We sat down to drink with elders in remote villages to lay out eco-tourism sites in West Africa. We have stories…

We are architects, planners, designers… artists, writers, musicians… cooks, gardeners, and dancers. Taking great pride in our cast of characters, we value every contribution and passion in the work we share. A stop by our studio could result in a spontaneous full band jam session, a Pecha Kucha on biophilic design, a furniture making exercise, or pushing a Christmas tree out through a second story window. We are fueled by coffee, beer, gelato… bourbon, BBQ, and souvlaki… thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. We are numbers and colors, rigor and rest, professional and relational.

We are grateful for the partnerships we have formed and honored by the recognition we have received along the way. For more of our story including the publications, presentations, acknowledgement + accolades…