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Izen Architecture is a Toronto-based studio dedicated to architecture and design. The firm is devoted to the creation of custom, single-family residences, including new construction, renovations and additions.


Izen Architecture approaches all projects individually. Each project starts with an exploration of client requirements and evolves from budget, context and style without the imposition of preconceived solutions. The firm strives to offer exceptional service through all phases of design and construction, and is strongly committed to effective communication and attention to detail.


Brenda received her Masters of Architecture from Cornell University, where she was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi Medal upon graduation. Prior to studying at Cornell, she was educated at McGill University. She began her architectural career working under some of Toronto's top residential architects. The success of her work has led to a continued relationship with many of the firm's clients on both a professional and personal level, testaments to the meaningful experiences that the firm’s creations engender.

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