Jader Almeida
Jader Almeida

Jader Almeida

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Jader Almeida was born in 1981 in the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. At 16 he had his first contact with the furniture industry, starting his involvement in the entire production process.

He worked for LinBrasil company, the furniture collection publisher signed by renowned architects and designers, experience that enabled him to greater understanding of the design and production techniques.

Since 2004 develops unique products for industries, the main partner to Sollos brand of Santa Catarina. In 2013, joins the team of ClassiCon German brand designers.

Degree in architecture with award-winning pieces in major national and international competitions design, Jader Almeida achievement increasing prominence and following improving their work with participation in trade fairs, exhibitions, technical visits and courses in several countries.

It also operates in architectural projects, developed in his office in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina.

"Busco rationality, simple geometry, in pure forms with timeless aesthetics. Busco create products with durable values. Addressing the legacy of the masters, but to look forward, thinking that today's choices will be the reflection of tomorrow. "