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Denilson Machado / MCA
Studio Otto Felix

Studio Otto Felix

We make architecture on a scale from a city to a paper clip. At Studio Otto Felix we think of architecture as an artistic form and a technique at the same time. The development of our projects is guided by a process that ensures we deliver creative solutions and the level of design that is expected from us. We start the process by extensive research, a customer profile, a complete description of the project and we take into account the local culture and the relationship with the city, the weather and the surroundings. We look for the right questions and our multidisciplinary team is focussed on the solutions. Each project delivers a solution and should also tell a story and excite.
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Studio Otto Felix Joaquim Egídio Campinas SP
55 19 32986678
Rua Doutor Heitor Penteado, 1029, Joaquim Egídio Campinas SP, Brazil