The studio works on a spectrum of projects from architecture to landscape interventions and interiors. Our work includes cultural, residential and commercial buildings and spaces for both the private and public sectors. The studio is currently working on projects from private residential properties to new office space and a public facility hosting exhibitions and endeavours in all creative disciplines. Our design is guided by a continuous balance between the most practical problem solving and the uppermost artistic judgment. Jonathan Burlow comes from a background immersed in a diversity of cultures, driving the studio's curiosity and passion to enhance and celebrate the environments, social behaviours and norms found in human societies. The studio reflects a spirit of experimentation in formulating relationships that discover a playful balance between these entities. Jonathan Burlow Based out of a design studio in Folkestone, Kent, Jonathan aims for his work to be an important expression in the industry. Jonathan has trained and worked with Andrew Phillips, a former director at David Chipperfield Architects, before founding the studio in 2018. Jonathan studied architecture at the University of Portsmouth, where he was awarded the Dibben Prize. He then went on to further his master studies at the University of Bath before concluding at the Architectural Association (AA). Despite being half British and half French, Jonathan started life in Bangkok and has lived across the world in culture-rich countries such as Laos and Pakistan.
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