Kendle Design Collaborative
Kendle Design Collaborative

Kendle Design Collaborative

Architects from 6115 North Cattletrack, Scottsdale, United States
Kendle Design Collaborative has built its reputation on award-winning, regionally inspired architectural design. Each home reflects its clients unique spirit, fulfills their functional needs and speaks poetically of its specific place in world, be it desert, forest, prairie or waterfront. Sustainability, durability, livability and most of all enjoyment and delight are woven into every design. Materials are chosen not just for their inherent beauty and low maintenance but for their indigenous qualities as well, resulting in a home that is truly in harmony with its site and is expressive of its unique place in the world.

“What site-sensitive architecture can and should look like”
Judges comment, PCBC Gold Nugget Awards.

“A poem in the desert…breaking down the boundaries between indoors and out and allowing its occupants full engagement with the unique desert landscape and the ever changing sky”
Diisynology magazine

These are but a few of the accolades received in praise of Brent Kendle’s residential works.