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Architects from 3 Newman Passage, London, United Kingdom
….KHBT is looking for the hidden intrigue of each site …

KHBT has been set up by Karsten Huneck and Bernd Truempler in London and Berlin in 2009.
They have consistently created spatial works which have local and international significance by using the approach to push the boundaries of common practice in architecture.

In 2009 KHBT/osa have been runners up of UK’s prestigious Young Architects of the Year Award (YAYA), gaining the first ever special commendation.

Their projects are generated by starting with a thorough and precise analysis of the existing situation.This reveals the inherent potentials to form a strong concept which then leads through all stages and becomes materialised in real space.
KHBT are fully involved in the whole building process and control every detail.
As trained joiners they are also developing and constructing various elements themselves, for example the facade at Haus Berge.

Karsten and Bernd are both Associate Professors at the ESA, EcoleSpecial d’architecture in Paris since 2008.
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