Kilburn Nightingale Architects
Nick Kane

Kilburn Nightingale Architects

Architects from 26 Harrison Street, London, United Kingdom
Cullum and Nightingale was established in 1987. We have developed into a close-knit professional team with experience in a wide range of work both in Britain and abroad.

This includes

commerical, industrial and office buildings
educational buildings
medical buildings
theatres and cultural buildings
design of houses for private clients
masterplanning and the development of funding and accommodation strategies
restoration and extension of listed and historic buildings
interior and furniture design
hotels and restaurants

We believe that the role of good architecture is to enhance the lives of those using a building.

The design and execution of our projects is undertaken as a genuinely collaborative enterprise between us and our clients.

We understand the importance of working responsibly within the constraints of time and budget.

Our buildings are meticulously detailed using sustainable materials and designed to accommodate future development and alteration.

We believe that a successful building is one that provides for the long-term satisfaction of its users. Only when this is achieved can architecture be truly inspiring.