Knauf Riessler
Knauf Riessler

Knauf Riessler

Manufacturers from Süßwiesenstraße 10, Wolpertshausen, Germany

KNAUF riessler has its headquarters in Wolpertshausen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is a partner company of the KNAUF Group, the leading international building materials manufacturer with 24,500 employees in more than 60 countries.

KNAUF riessler's newly formed Competence Centre for Surface Technology produces innovative solutions for gypsum fibre and drywall boards that open up completely new possibilities for architects and planners.

KNAUF riessler brings together many years of expertise in the production of high-compression, load bearing gypsum fibre boards with pioneering and creative ideas for the finishing and enhancement of surfaces. The design-oriented solutions offer high specification fire-protection and acoustic qualities that meet even the strictest building and safety regulations in diverse applications such as airports, hospitals and schools.

Thie results of this expertise is individual design options for walls and ceilings, with practically unlimited painting, surface-structure and coating opportunities. A good example of the innovative force of KNAUF riessler is its surface finishing capabilities, where decorative non-combustible wood effects are applied. Digital printing enables any imaginable motif to be realised it's a technology that has set new benchmarks across the board.
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