Kragh & Berglund

Kragh & Berglund

Landscape Architects from Stockholm, Sweden
Kragh&Berglund is a company that primarily works on design in physical planning. We have many years of experience in combining planning in all sizes with a concrete and realistic design that offers a comprehensive approach to a planning problem.

We consider all tasks to be a challenge and we are therefore not afraid of having to tackle new problems. Our design process means that we can handle new problems and new tasks in a way that creates real value for the client and users.

We are skilled at arranging workshops with residents in connection with the start-up of projects. We often take residents’ requirements as a starting point for performing the task – we prefer to involve them before a specific design is developed, as it is our experience that this results in the least problematic process for the client and ultimately also for us.

Before we embark on the design we try to find the strategic solutions to the project and present them to the users/the client – this guarantees an open process with free discussion and it is often here that the actual value creation occurs.

During the design process we have design loops in the company until we feel that we have arrived at a design that fulfils the requirements of the users and that the design has an edge that makes it unique. If we have time we try to investigate alternatives again in order to find the correct solution. We raise the bar to a high level, as we feel that any job should have its own solution. The solution must have a holistic approach; we need to solve the functional aspect as well as deliver an experience that is generous, beautiful, unique and special.

We try to combine strong features – the solar cell system is also a public garden (La foce), the bench at the beach promenade becomes the longest one in Bornholm (Sandvig), a heap of surplus earth become a park (Kagsmosen), a holiday house subdivision also provides access to natural beauty (Immeln), a sports facility forms streets and open spaces (PlugNPlay). We try to see the possibilities in the project instead of the limitations.