LedLight Europe
LedLight Europe

LedLight Europe

Manufacturers from Zadelmakersstraat 20A , Sneek, Netherlands
LedLight Europe developes and distributes ledlighting which by addition of their newly developed technical elements add a new dimension to our lighting options, thereby substantially contributing to a cleaner living environment.

Because of our own development team we can reduce costs by reducing funds needed for ground materials. This way we can offer you the best prices in the industry, for a premium quality product.

LedLight Europe’s skilled technical- and sales team is able to answer all your questions, and fulfill all your lighting needs.

We do not only deliver premium quality products, LedLight Europe’s development extends the guaranteed liftetime of it’s premium LED chips up to 80 000 hours, providing you with a
 warranty for this lifetime of up to 10 years.

LedLight Europe’s lighting solutions can offer you up to 80% energy savings, combined with significant maintenance savings because of the extended lifetime, especially compared with traditional lighting sources.