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Manufacturers from LG Twin Towers, 20 Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea
LG Chem Ltd. is one of the global leaders in innovative materials and solutions. The $23 billion, Korea based company employs over 20,000 people in 15 countries and comprises three primary businesses: IT & electronics, petrochemicals and batteries.

The development of OLEDs first started from 1996, and first commercialized OLED panels were released back in 2011. Since then, LG Chem has been recognized as a market leader with the industry`s top performing products across its diverse portfolio.

LG Chem offers OLEDs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Eight different models are available with three different color temperatures (3000K/3500K/4000K), which deliver high color rendering levels (CRI>90) as well as achieving high luminance, high efficacy and long lifespan.

LG Chem OLEDs have spectral distributions which are the closest to sunlight. Therefore OLEDs are ideal for places where natural light is unavailable, or for places where good quality light is needed. The OLEDs are ultra thin and light-weighted that can be easily integrated into any kind of product or architecture while saving installation space and cost.

Among 8 different models, N6SD30, N6OA30, and F6BA30 are the latest models. LG Chem reveals the world`s largest OLED light panel N6SD30 (320 x 320mm) at Light+Building 2014. The panel has an efficacy of 60lm/W, a high CRI (>90) and is only 1mm thick. This single panel is capable of a maximum 1,000lm output, which is similar to a common 60~75 Watt incandescent lamp. This is significant because it marks the point where OLEDs will not only be seen as an energy-efficient and human-friendly light source but also come to be seen as a fit-for-purpose and proficient general purpose light source. N6OA30 is a circular type panel with size 210x50mm, and F6BA30 is a bendable type panel with size 210x50mm. Their circular shape and bendable characteristic have benefit of creating unique designed lightings. LG Chem not only manufactures OLED panels but also develops its own lighting designs to show how OLED panels can be used in real life applications. Floor Stand using 9 circular shape panels, Wine Rack using 2 bendable type panels, and Free Stand using 2 320x320mm panels are some of the examples. LG Chem also collaborates with major companies in the industry. Any collaboration projects are welcome anytime.

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