Rocamora Arquitectura
Rocamora Arquitectura

Rocamora Arquitectura

Architects from Elche, Alicante, Spain
Ángel Luís Rocamora founded Rocamora Arquitectura in 1999 by setting up its technical office in Alicante.

Since its beginning, the philosophy of the company has remained the same: establish a strong link between the client needs, the architectural intervention, art and technological innovation.

For a number of years, up to the recent inauguration of the office in Elche, Rocamora Arquitectura has stood out for undertaking distinctive work in different fields of architecture, such as public, private, industrial or temporary architecture. To achieve this, it has a team composed of architects, engineers and designers with experience and proven technical competences.

The work of Rocamora Arquitectura has been openly acknowledged several times through publications in specialised media (VIA Arquitectura ARA.05, Pasajes, AITIM, TC especial Praxis Edilicia), or through architecture, urban planning and interior design competitions (Lamp 2010 and some public competitions).


Innovation in building techniques and projects design.
Strict cost control.
Efficient and sustainable results.
Attention to detail at both project and execution phases.
Thanks to an optimal materials selection and a rigorous quality control, we can offer a high quality end product.
Geographic mobility.
We assist with compulsory license applications at no extra charge.
Simple solutions as a result of complex intellectual processes.

Public architecture
Private architecture
Site management
Museographic projects: design and production
Trade fair stands: design and production
Industrial design
Business operating projects and licenses
Interior design
Events design, organization and production