Lighting Design Collective
Lighting Design Collective

Lighting Design Collective

Consultants from Madrid, Spain / Helsinki, Finland / London, UK
We create imaginative, state-of-the-art lighting schemes for architecture and built environments using design research based on high tech applications, digital content and artistic assets.

LDC specialises in customised architectural lighting solutions and applications with a uniquely integrated portfolio covering cutting-edge services such as digital content creation, software development and innovative design strategies. Our multicultural team of lighting designers, software coders and digital artists has created world-class projects in more than 20 countries.

Our professional and artistic experience covers cultural, hospitality, retail, office, and mixed-use schemes as well as residential, landscape and infrastructure developments. As a complementary service, we design contemporary luminaires that capture the essence of our design philosophy.

Based in three studios in Europe, we operate globally with a network of collaborators stretching from Madrid to Miami, London to Mexico and Hong Kong to Helsinki.

We strive to achieve a sophisticated dialogue between light, space and time. We combine observation and study of natural light with cutting-edge insights into the latest technical possibilities of artificial lighting.

Media, screens and projections are the facades of this century. Our dedicated visual professionals and artists have the talent and flair to meet project needs from custom software development to generative visual code, from interactive light installations to brand-related content libraries and digital art collections.

Rooted in a fascination with natural light in movement and the infinite ways light relates to time, space and context, our design work extends into explorations of lighting as a form of art.

We engage in international research and professional debate about the role of lighting design, digital content and light-art in built environments.