Architects from 6 Tsimiski street, Athens, Greece
Lina Stergiou founded in 2001 the design research practice LS ARCHITECTURE which became restructured and renamed into LS / ARCHITECTURE & STRATEGIES in 2010.

LS / ARCHITECTURE & STRATEGIES focuses on inventive design approach and research-oriented experimentation. Working on urbanism, buildings, interior environments and objects it realizes its visions of low-tech ecology and heterotopia. Its workshop culture generates inventive projects.
It’s philosophy is: low budget innovative solutions, recyclable materials, eco-friendly design.

Lina Stergiou had worked in the past at Santiago Calatrava architects, New York; Prof. John Johansen, New York; H. Bougadelis & associate architects, Athens; K.Kiriakidis & associate architects, Athens; Reinhold Kargel & associate architects, Darmstadt, Germany, and had been the project manager and/or designer of such public buildings as School, Church, Police station in Bad-Homburg, Heppenheim and Darmstadt, Germany; Erricos Dynan Hospital and Panteios School of Social Sciences in Athens; Public underground parking spaces in Athens; Housing, Residences and Apartment buildings in and around Athens.
Our Projects
Our Offices
LS/Architecture&Strategies Athens Headquarters
+30 210 3600073
6 Tsimiski street, Athens, Greece

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