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Ethics/Aesthetics exhibition design

Ethics/Aesthetics exhibition design

Athens, Greece
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Ethics/Aesthetics exhibition design - Benaki Museum

LS/Architecture&Strategies as Exhibition design

Location: Benaki Museum Athens. Groundfloor gallery.

Surface area: 1.200 sqm.

Installation design of ‘Ethics/Aesthetics’ that with ‘Slow Down Rooms’ and ‘Athens Here and Now’ form part of the exhibitions of ‘AAO: Ethics/Aesthetics’.

Design principles of ‘AAO: Ethics/Aesthetics’:

1. Organizing the Benaki Museum groundfloor gallery into three spaces, one for each exhibition.

2. Creating a linear movement passing through the three exhibitions so as to allow visitors read the continuous thematic

narrative of the first (Ethics/Aesthetics), seeing related

experimental student work in the second (Athens Here and Now), and relaxing in the art environment of the third (Slow Down Rooms). Before exiting, the space was designed for performance actions.

3. Presenting each exhibit in an autonomous unit with dimensions 2,5m (W) x 2,5m (D) X 2,5m (H). The unit’s fourth vertical wall leans on floor, creating the entrance and taking on it the information about it.

4. Each unit, while of standard dimensions, presents variations so to allow the display of diverse types of exhibits: units without ceiling allow the display of objects, others with a ceiling form enclosed cubicles and allow video projections, and others without side walls allow installations being highlighted.


1. A low budget (30.000 Euros) and a quick assembling of the exhibition (5 working days). These challenges are met by the

decision to aim at a rough and rusty aesthetic quality, which

reflects the content and philosophy of the exhibitions, as well as to work with standardized parts and pieces.

2. The three exhibitions include architecture, art and design works presented through videos, installations, objects and print-out panels. This diversity presents the challenge of finding the way in which a single concept can unfold, and a unified experience be achieved, yet with a controlled degree of diversity between the three exhibitions. Therefore, main decision is to base the design on one strong element, the Unit, that unifies all the exhibits. Its variations allow a different experience in each exhibition, but also let the different types of exhibits be highlighted.

Architect: Lina Stergiou.

Collaborating architect: Aris Zambikos.

Project team architects: Evelina Rempi, Chrysi Gousiou, Antonis Chazapis.

Photos: Dimitris Giannoulakis.

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