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Manufacturers from Via Donatori del Sangue n.37, Santo Stefano Ticino, Italy
“ Lumen Center Italia has always been accurate and precise to quality of light as visual comfort, in its aspects of colour rendering, spectral emission and energy efficiency. Light interacts with cellular metabolism: its quality is essential to define light sources quality. Having the awareness and accountability that our lamps arrive in thousand homes, affecting people’s life, drive us to continuously research and upgrade our technologies.” Augusto Grillo, president of Lumen Center Italia and Japan.

Since 1976 Lumen Center Italia is a big laboratory of research, of design and lamps producer. An Italian factory with a strong international network, pursuing trends and styles of contemporary living. A place where connections between man and light are sought; a place where new technologies are tested through an innovative use of light sources which improve quality of life. Lumen Center Italia has trademarked Luum / Human Friendly Light, which primarily use high quality light sources, developed in collaboration with the most important world production protagonists of the sector. Luum is a new generation of LED "human friendly" light that, in addition to the usual LED energy saving, offers a light source comparable to daylight. Studies and recent researches reveal that most of the commercially LED today disturb the circadian cycle and impoverish colours perception. Lumen Center Italia, always careful to visual comfort, has decided to offer a "clean light" able to have a positive influence on metabolism and well-being.

Next installation for LED system Luum / Human Friendly Light is for the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana: special items exclusively produced will gradually enlighten - in the course of six months - all the Ambrosiana, from the historical main staircase to the Atlantic Code of Leonardo da Vinci’s exhibition, in May 2015. This system has been studied by Arch. Alessandro Colombini to keep the masterpiece integrity, and to enhance the public pleasure thanks to an extraordinary colour rendering of 98/100. Lumen Center Italia also make its contribution to Expo 2015, lighting the Japanese pavilion. The company has produced the restaurant area lighting system, where Japanese chefs will prepare sushi live.

This collaboration arises too from closer relationship with Japanese market. Lumen Center Italia has inaugurated, at the end of 2014, the new company Lumen Center Japan, in Osaka. 2015 started with two fairs participation: “Hoteres" and “Lighting Fair”, both strategic for contract. Again, for 2015 is planned the first showroom opening in Tokyo. The Japanese market, the most advanced in Far East, was chosen by Lumen Center Italia as the most appropriate springboard for Oriental expansion.

The enthusiasm for new markets is animated by Lumen Center Italia’s philosophy of light, nurtured since its was founded, and shaped by an extreme personalization of light sources. A lighting study aimed at accompany life’s different moments, from relaxing to work, from cultural enjoyment to food.
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