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Lumifer is a high end lighting and accessories company with a focus on the residential and hospitality sector. Each piece is handmade from unique and durable materials that provide a timeless quality of light.

The contrast of industrial metal and incandescent bulbs with contemporary architectural space emphasizes the warm and functional nature of the fixtures. The 'switch' range of lighting, hardware and accessories emerged from a collaboration with Utopus Studio on a series of high-end residential projects in Manhattan.

Founding partner, Javier Robles has been working on architectural lighting for private clients for many years and saw an opportunity to bring some of the bespoke designs to market. For the first time, successful pieces from earlier projects combined with a new expanded range of variations are available to purchase in selected stores and online. As designers, producers and distributors, our conceptual and fabrication process is vertically integrated to ensure a high quality product. We are growing organically to respond to the shifting market of the lighting industry and operate with a streamlined overhead. Every product is made to order and can be customized to reflect the individual requirements of each of our clients.
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330 West 38th Street, Suite 710, New York, United States

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