Manalo & White Architects
Morgan O’Donovan
Manalo & White Architects

Manalo & White Architects

Architects from Unit 301, Metropolitan Wharf, London, United Kingdom
Manalo & White Architects was established in 1999 by Brian Greathead.

We conceive and execute high quality projects within tight time and budget constraints.

We offer full design and co-ordination services, with deep experience in planning and listed building consents, technical compliance, and methods of construction and procurement.

We always aim to be transformative, to realise untapped potential.

We’re positive, pragmatic, responsive and resourceful.

We have a sense of humour; we like to be subtle, quirky and inventive.

We bring our own kind of glamour; we’re not precious, and we challenge preconceptions.

We’re listeners and collaborators. We care about our clients, and we hope that you’ll enjoy working with us.
Our Projects
Our Offices
Manalo & White Architects London Headquarters
020 7265 4945
Unit 301, Metropolitan Wharf, London, United Kingdom

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