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Marcos Bertoldi Arquitetos
Marcos Bertoldi Arquitetos

Marcos Bertoldi Arquitetos

Marcos Bertoldi graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning at the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná in 1982, the same year he specialized in Landscape Architecture at the same university. After a year traveling between Europe and the United States, he starts his own firm at 1984. He has offices in Curitiba and Sao Paulo. He teaches in undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the Universidade Positivo, in Curitiba. Many times awarded in national competitions and continuously published internationally. Included by the magazine Architectural Digest, in the edition: Top 100 Most Influential Architects of 2010. In 2014, the German magazine MD INTERIOR|DESIGN|ARCHITECTURE, published as its cover, one of his recent residential projects under the title Vertical House. Design Philosophy "A building should transmit concepts and influence both architecture and culture. To the extent that a project corresponds to the requirements of a single client, it can also go beyond the client to acquire a collective dimension. Then it is no longer merely a property for a single family, but becames something bigger, something that can shape and develop public opinion, paricularly with respect to those interested in architecture and general culture" Concept “We do not work with stiles, because they stayed in the past. The only concept that we accept is the contemporary concept. We make contemporary projects, inserted in specific cultural contexts,to establish a dialogue with our own time” Inspiration “The inspiration, comes from the architecture it self, arts and culture in general. From the possibilities and creative demands of each project. The act of designing and creating is the most rewarding phase of the project. A flow of ideas that sometimes seems to orient it self making some decisions obvious and evident, but that sometimes put us against apparently unvolvable crossroads. Supposely free choices are in reality much more conditionaded by the site, legislations, technique, materials, budget, and the uses of the client. The execution of the final building and mainly the final result are also important moments of a project.”
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