Martijn Veldman Interior Design

Martijn Veldman Interior Design

Architects from Pedro de Medinalaan 11, 1086 XK Amsterdam, Netherlands
Martijn Veldman Interior Design was founded in 2008.

The design studio has created interiors for private residences, offices and hospitality businesses.

Martijn Veldman is recognized for combining classic elements, linked to the characteristics of the object, with a modern feel. He is also known for clear sight lines, the application of natural materials, and sophisticated details. Veldman constantly strives to pursue the perfect combination between functionality and aesthetics.

Based on in-house technical capability and a wide range of creativity, the studio delivers original designs tailored to the individual wishes of the client. The studio takes great care to accompany the process from design to realization. To ensure a satisfactory outcome, clients are involved early and throughout the design and development process.
Our Projects
Our Offices
Martijn Veldman Interior Design Headquarters
Pedro de Medinalaan 11, 1086 XK Amsterdam, Netherlands

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