Manufacturers from Via Marecchiese, 275/C, Rimini, Italy
MEMEDESIGN produces useful, trendy, never banal objects and interior design items.
MEME name comes from Memetics, the modern science that studies “memes” the unit of measurement of ideas in the society. We are going on following this concept in a world which is so full of proposals. It is a difficult challenge but we can rely on new ideas, very high experience and big enthusiasm.
MEMEDESIGN philosophy is characterized by the following important aspects:
• Design characterized by soft and sinuous shapes, feminine, creative minimalism that loses its stiffness and enhances he freshness of color.
• Quick deliveries times.
• High competitive prices.
MEMEDESIGN products are contemporaneous and provoke a strong emotional impact thanks to their high creative design.
The long time experience in the furniture field enabled to optimize the various production phases in order to hit very competitive prices.
Our Made in Italy culture did the rest.
In a few years MEMEDESIGN has been glad to show its production in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and United Kingdom and it is proud to furnish very prestigious places such as the Sheraton Mall of Emirates Hotel in Dubai.