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Our passion is concrete. Many people think of concrete simply as grey surfaces and a uniform look. We go about things quite differently. For us, concrete is an extremely fascinating material which constantly impresses us with its durable beauty and its natural, mineral character - and which can be shaped and designed in almost infinitely versatile ways. It is our driving ambition to exhaust all of these design possibilities and to produce concrete paving which matches your desires. Even our first garden slabs in the 1950s were a very individually designed product with their near-natural colours and their slate structure. Since then we have consistently specialised in sophisticated and innovative concrete paving. We are continuously working on developing newer, even more beautiful solutions. High-quality natural stone chippings from all over the world are used for the production of our concrete stones. You can see this for yourself. The exquisite materials and various processing techniques give the stones a new and unique character. We are particularly happy when we are able to produce concrete stones which are not only comparable to natural stones but which may even surpass them in certain product properties. Also in comparison to the product developments of other sectors, there is already evidence of this superiority. As an example of this, our product Belpasso was distinguished with the 2009 "red dot design award" for its design quality, one of the most prestigious awards in its field with over 11,000 participants from all over the world. Belpasso was also nominated for the renowned 2010 "Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany".
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