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Mondo Collection is a contemporary furniture and lighting showroom in the Flatiron area of Manhattan. We are more than a furniture, lighting, and interior design showroom; Mondo Collection is a space where clients are exposed to the greatest in contemporary, upscale, and exclusive furniture and design. What sets Mondo Collection apart is its ability to exclusively represent well-renowned, global designers, many of whom have not previously been represented within the United States. We tastefully combine their designs to form a unique collection that appeals to the local market. In essence, the collection provides the opportunity for clients to preview and have access to the latest trends from other pockets of the world. We are continuously researching designers, attending exhibits, and traveling to numerous showrooms, studios, and workshops- both locally and around the world- to select our collection piece-by-piece. In addition to providing the latest in contemporary design, the basis of our selection is to ensure the highest quality of fabrication. We respect our clients’ investments and trust, so we work directly with the most reputable suppliers with state of the art workshops. The mix of materials and the level of detail that goes into every piece that we represent make the human craftsmanship and supervision an essential founding principle for our collection. Whether it’s a French lacquered console, a Middle-Eastern resin inlaid table, or an American hand-carved wood and concrete cabinet, our collection takes the classic art of furniture making and modernizes it. In today’s multi-media world, our clients are exposed to countless product lines, chain and online stores; however, at Mondo Collection, we know that our clientele consider their homes and work spaces as the ultimate form of individualism and self-expression. Unlike fashion, furniture and interior trends must withstand the test of time. In our collection, we strike a balance between offering the latest unique trends while capturing a long-term iconic value for each piece. Our pieces will complement our clients’ existing interiors, while still commending a presence that transforms a functional space into a worldly design statement.
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