Montreal beer garden
Montreal beer garden

Montreal beer garden

Suppliers from Montreal, QC H2W 2G2, Canada
Lea Berger, of German origin, has lived in Montreal for 20 years. The Biergarten furniture has always been part of her childhood: these outdoor tables and benches that can be seen all over Germany, in outdoor breweries, courtyards, parks, restaurants terraces, canteens and flea markets.

In 2012 she decides to import a set of one table and two benches; not only for nostalgia, but also for the convenience, ease of installation and storage for her many alley parties in the Mile-End. Friends and passersby are seduced by the design and functionality of this new kind of picnic tables. The idea of importing others surfaces.

A natural collaboration establishes itself with her father who lives in Germany. He does the research, visits the factories, ensures the quality of the products. It proves to be the indispensable transatlantic asset. Etienne, Lea's spouse, is also involved in the project and provides logistics and support.

They set their choice on a German manufacturer who advocates mutual aide and inclusion. Its production facilities employ up to 80% of workers with physical or intellectual disabilities.

Mtl Beergarden was established by Lea Berger in 2015. A first shipment of Biergarten sets arrived at the Port of Montreal in the fall of that year.

The initial enthusiasm is growing since then! and is passed from one buyer to another.
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Montreal beer garden
Montreal, QC H2W 2G2, Canada