Caserne’s Offices

Caserne’s Offices

Montreal, QC, Canada
Project Year
Raphaël Thibodeau

Caserne’s Offices

catherinecatherine as Architects

In order to refresh their space and make room for new members of the team, Caserne (a graphic design firm in Montreal) hired Catherine Catherine to re-do their offices. The challenge was to define the areas in this small Rosemont location and create a strong brand-image to the space. The designers layed out the desks in a “U” shape inside a dedicated area for computer work using the existing division of the space. 


On the left, a large bookcase has been designed to showcase the architecture of the building, the high ceilings, as well as various projects realized by Caserne. The bookcase slides towards a meeting space with a thin table in the center. Metal panels are installed on the wall as an extension of the bookcase and display other projects. Finally, to the right, a piece of furniture was made to accommodate large format paper and posters, stationery, a cutting area and a coffee corner.


We used the colors from the company’s branding in order to emphasize the architecture of the space and create a nod to the name of the company which means fire station in French.

Material Used:

1. Montreal beer garden table
2. Metal racks were custom-made by Atelier Bo-Fer
3. Other furniture was custom made using plywood by Atelier BGE

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