Mutant Arch.Media
Mutant Arch.Media

Mutant Arch.Media

Interior Architects from Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria
We speak in pictures!

Mutant Arch.Media engaged in his own interdisciplinary between interior architecture and sociology with how basic human attitudes and values express in the room. As can be implemented in spatial concepts needs that appeal to our senses and trigger reactions.

The area as a whole is not understood as a closed geometric entity, but rather defined by the subjective perception of the guests.
What draws the eye around the room ? How guests move through the rooms, and how you interact with each other ? How to communicate the rooms themselves to each other ?
For commercial properties raises the additional question of optimal paths and staff working technical processes, integrated into a successful and efficient interior design.

Subtle incentives promote the perception !

" I see a red door and I want it painted black" , sang the Rolling Stones in the 1960s , and since that time have not been configured in accordance with a few rooms. Each can virtually reproduce the today - walls and plenty of color provided .
Richard Bernsteiner of Mutant Arch.Media combines the wide field of application of color and light technology with high-quality materials
such as leather, wood , stone and glass into an exciting work of art , which offer users the opportunity for self-expression and identity maintenance.
Traditional and indigenous building materials are not only visually, but also the climate and energy technology reinterpreted to meet the modern requirements to be our time .

Mutant Arch.Media creates his designs in this magical attraction exercise which makes the room to a place of experience -
maybe the guest registered this is not even aware of it causes him but come back to it.

Wir sprechen in Bildern!

Mutant Arch.Media beschäftigt sich in seiner eigenen Interdisziplinarität zwischen Innenarchitektur und Soziologie damit, wie sich menschliche Grund- und Werthaltungen
im Raum ausdrücken.
 Wie sich Bedürfnisse in Raumkonzepte umsetzen lassen, die unsere Sinnesorgane ansprechen und Reaktionen auslösen.

Der Raum als Ganzes wird nicht als eine geschlossene, geometrische Einheit verstanden, sondern vielmehr durch die subjektive Wahrnehmung der Gäste definiert.
Wie wandert der Blick durch den Raum? Wie bewegen sich Gäste durch die Räume, und wie interagieren Sie miteinander? Wie kommunizieren die Räume selbst untereinander?
Bei gewerblichen Objekten stellt sich zusätzlich die Frage nach optimalen Personalwegen und arbeitstechnischen Abläufen, integriert in eine gelungene und effiziente Raumgestaltung.

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