Nash Baker Architects
Nash Baker Architects

Nash Baker Architects

Architects from 1 Lyric Square, London, United Kingdom
Together with our clients, we turn strong ideas into thoughtful and joyful buildings.

Curiosity and a questioning mindset are the oxygen of our studio, but our success is built on the drive to make things happen. We’re drawn to ambitious, complex projects, and to historic environments that call for a sensitive and holistic approach.

Enduring beauty, timeless design and solid craftsmanship – these will always be our inspiration. We see these as the foundation of sustainability; it’s about longevity and spending wisely, and it’s about living well and treading lightly upon the earth.

We strive to cut the jargon and demystify the process. Listening to even the quietest voices and speaking plainly is our way of involving everyone in the conversation.

You might have imagination, resolve and confidence in abundance, or you might be taking your first tentative steps towards a project. Whichever it is, you can think of us as being in your corner and right beside you on the journey.

We can’t imagine working any other way.
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