NOWA s.r.l.
Peppe Maisto
NOWA s.r.l.

NOWA s.r.l.

Architects from via Dedalo 15, Caltagirone , Italy
NOWA, founded by Marco Navarra and Maria Marino, has been practising the Architecture Project for many yearsas a unique occasion of transformation of urban waste into resourcesfor cities and territories.
The office works on an idea of extreme architecture practiced onits ground zero in order to respond to boundary conditions concerningeconomics, constraints and programs.
NOWA was finalist of the Mies van der Rohe Prize (2003), the EUROPEANPRIZE FOR URBAN PUBLIC SPACE (2006) in Barcelona andthe BBS Swiss Architectural Award (2008).
NOWA won the Medaglia d’oro, the first prize for Italian architectureat the Milan Triennale (2003) and the Gubbio prize (2006).Nowa’s projects are published on Italian and international architecturalmagazines (Lotus, Domus, Abitare, A+U, C3, Paiseia, A10).
NOWA has been invited to several Biennials of Architecture in Venice and, in 2016, has presented a project commissioned by the Italian Pavilion for the15th International Architecture Exhibition, "Reporting from the Front", the Venice Biennale.
Marco Navarra is professor in urban and architectural design atthe university of Catania, he founded Nowa Office and he is alsothe autor of “Robert Adam, Ruins of the Palace of the EmperorDiocletian at Spalatro in Dalmatia, 1754”. (2002), “Repairingcities. Repair as a “survival” strategy”. (2008), “Lo-fi: Architectureas curatorial practice”,with Mario Lupano and LucaEmanueli (2010), “Abiura dal paesaggio. Architettura come trasposizione” (2012), “INWALKABOUTCITY 2.0. Landformbuilding, Time, Architecture”. (2012), “DISPLAY. Didactis for a relational Architecture”.(2012), “Shadow line.Adolfo Natalini between the Superstudio andthe Architecture” (2013), Architetture Archeologie. (2016).