N+P Arkitektur
N+P Arkitektur

N+P Arkitektur

Architects from Wildersgade 51, København, Denmark
N+P is an award-winning, contemporary architecture practice based in Aalborg, Denmark. We specialise in unique modern houses, complete renovations, as well as other multi residential projects.

The company is, an architectural office consisting of committed architects and structural engineers which insist on a high architectural profile, where common interest within the field of architecture sets the foundation for the framework on which the company is founded.

We firmly believe in and strive for the quality of solutions deriving from wishes and needs of the developer and / or its users. Our approach to any task, is bound by our ambition to create and shape a favorable and dependable frame - guided by clear, clean and functional lines. Thereby, shaping architecture where form, function and construction go hand in hand.

With a comprehensive understanding of environment, expression, climate and sustainability, we always aspire to expand our clients’ boundaries and perspective, as general goal for any new project.
The final product, however, is always shaped through thorough meetings, where the clients’ wishes and requirements are listened to and accounted for.

Prioritizing a thorough and well communicated design process, through all phases, we provide advice within all areas of the architectural field, always adapting to the task at hand. Whether it’s advisory counseling, total counseling, shared counseling or sub-counseling, clients and collaborators will be met with experienced, competent and qualified collaboration and sparring through the use of N+P ARKITEKTUR.
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