Villa P

Villa P

Private Houses
Fredericia, Denmark - Build completed in 2016

Villa P

N+P Arkitektur as Architects

Sitting oceanside, Denmark’s Villa P features a dominant outer bearing wall and a steep roof that folds into a horizontal floor separation, evoking the letter ‘P’. Nordic influences are evident throughout the design, particularly with respect to material selection. Highly durable to the elements, while also aging gracefully over time, wood and zinc were selected as accent materials alongside a beautiful, natural slate wall cladding system.

More from the Architects:

Villa P is situated with a picturesque view towards the harbour of Fredericia and Lillebælt – the ocean stretching between the island of Funen and the mainland of Denmark. The bearing outer wall, the steep angle of the roof and the horizontal floor separation, creates a movement that folds and reads as the letter “P”. Inverted or non-inverted, depending from where you are looking. Materials are kept simple and with a Nordic approach. Vertical and horizontal wooden strips, slate and zinc are all materials that will patinate over time, reflecting seasons. At the same time, they withstand the harsh and brutal conditions close to the ocean. The concrete walls and wooden roofs from the exterior continues in the interior, creating an honest and transparent transition from inside to outside. 

Villa P

Cupa Pizarras as Manufacturers

Overlooking the harbour, Villa P in Frederica, Denmark is a showcase of Nordic design influences and materials - namely wood, zinc and slate. These materials were selected because they are robust to the northern maritime climate, while also gaining a patina over time. Ensuring the highest level of envelope performance, the 40 cm x 20 cm slate tiles that clad the exterior walls were installed using a CUPACLAD 101 LOGIC rainscreen cladding assembly with an invisible fixing system. The self-drilling screws used in the system are made from stainless steel and include a large diameter flat head to ensure the proper fixing of the slate. The invisibility of the cladding system places emphasis on the natural beauty, texture and sheen of slate as a building material. 

More from the Manufacturer:

From renovations to newly constructed buildings around the world, one of every three natural-roofing slate cladding installations uses the Cupa Pizarras brand. One such project is the beautiful Villa P in Fredericia, Denmark. Designed by N+P Arkitektur, the 2,100 sq.ft. harbor-side residence uses the CUPACLAD® 101 LOGIC cladding system to help create its timeless, Nordic-inspired aesthetic.

Overlooking the picturesque harbor of Fredericia and Lillebaelt not far from the ocean, Villa P's exterior can withstand the harsh conditions of its coastal environment. “Vertical and horizontal wooden strips, slate and zinc are all materials that will patinate over time, reflecting seasons,” N+P Arkitektur describes.

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