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Who We Are
ODAMI is a design studio offering architectural, interior, and furniture design services. The studio was founded in 2017 by Spanish architect Aránzazu González Bernardo and Canadian designer Michael Norman Fohring.

Focusing primarily on residential and commercial projects, we work closely with clients and craftsmen from the very beginning, ensuring that every detail and need is thoroughly considered and well-executed.

In this sense, our priority is to deliver thoughtful projects which are timeless, well-crafted, and functional, with a strong aesthetic presence; in other words, projects that look and feel good, and stand the test of time.

ODAMI is registered as a Qualified Design Firm with the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Our Process
Successful projects are always the result of a successful relationship between the client, the builder, and the designer. For each project, our most important job is to listen - not preach or teach - allowing the project to grow out of the lifestyle, needs, and personality of the client to create a space that’s truly right for them.

At the same time, this vision can only come to life and maintain its integrity if it’s well-built, and well-managed. In this sense, we bring an organizational rigour to each project, and most importantly, we work incredibly closely with the builder, fabricators, and suppliers from start to finish, ensuring that the design accounts for construction and budgetary considerations, and that quality standards are always high.

Nothing left to chance:
For most people, building or renovating a home may be a once-in-a-lifetime project, and a significant investment. We take this very seriously, which is why we don’t leave anything to chance.

Given that our work is so driven by material and texture, actual physical samples and products are an integral part of our design process, and are frequently presented to our clients. This makes a world of difference in understanding how surfaces and spaces will look and feel in a very tangible way.

Another important aspect of how we work is our use of current technologies. In terms of construction, by working with BIM software which processes important data and seamlessly integrates 2D and 3D drawings, the building process is able to run much more smoothly. On the design side, our use of photorealistic renderings throughout the design process ensures that the client understands exactly how the space will look and operate, and ensures that the builder understands the desired result. In the end, this helps a great deal with the level of control over the project by making it highly predictable.
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