Ohmann Leather
Ohmann Leather

Ohmann Leather

Manufacturers from Tweelingenlaan 75, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Ohmann Leer delivers furniture leather to the professional market of the furniture industry, such as upholsterers and office designers. Ohmann Leer has been involved in the purchasing and sale of leather in the Netherlands since 1934. In this way, we established a broad and thorough experience in the leather sector. Leather has become a brand.

It's all in the name

Company philosophy

The philosophy and approach of our firm are basically client orientated:

We lead in new developments and anticipate on market trends.
We go by the rule: “Ordered today, immediately on its way”.
We maintain a broad assortment and large supplies, which allows us to provide our customers with immediate service.
We place great value on quality and service. We work together with the customer to achieve the best final result.