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OmniDecor glass design

OmniDecor glass design

Manufacturers from Via del Lavoro , 64023, Italy
OmniDecor has been operating on the glass market for over twenty years. The undisputed leader in the acid etched glass sector, it develops high-range products, which it currently exports all over the world. The Group has a wealth of creative, stylistic and productive competence that it develops continuously through innovation, research and development activities. The OmniDecor trademarks are now synonyms of quality and refined design, recognized all over the world:
- DecorFlou: acid etched glass on one or both sides of the panel
- DecorFlou Design: glass decorated with patterns or textures
- DecorGem: enamelled glass with an etching or glossy finishing
- DecorOpal: painted glass with an etching or glossy finishing
- SolidLight: glass for light installations
- Anti-slip glass and specialty glass complete the OmniDecor offer.
Close collaboration with companies, glassworks and the world of design and architecture has enabled OmniDecor, over the years, to develop a production process characterized by maximum flexibility and high quality standards. The production of OmniDecor glass starts from the customer: technical consulting and choice of materials on the basis of the requested characteristics, careful selection of raw material, etching process, specific processes and finishing of the sheets, constant quality control, handling logistical aspects, all aimed at customer satisfaction. There are many different OmniDecor solutions in terms of size, colours and decorations of the glass sheets, both for quality, performance and technical characteristics. Glass for doors, glass for showers, glass for kitchens, glass for furniture, glass for stairs, glass for floors, glass for walls, glass for façades and balustrades, glass for fitting out shops, glass for every need.