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YKK AP America Inc.

YKK AP America Inc.

WE MADE OUR NAME BY PUSHING THE BUILDING ENVELOPE TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF QUALITY. As the North American arm of the global YKK AP group of companies, YKK AP America is a technology-oriented manufacturer of commercial facade systems and residential doors and windows. With every finished good, we push the boundaries in next-generation manufacturing. With every architectural application, we create new value. Combined with our close customer connections, this forward-thinking approach enables us to offer the latest in comfort and energy conservation for a more sustainable society. SETTING HIGHER STANDARDS IN DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICE YKK AP aims to set manufacturing standards for the rest of the world. From product quality and design to impact protection, energy efficiency and unparalleled customer service, we raise the bar. The act of manufacturing helps lay the foundation for sustainable development and environmental harmony. At YKK AP, we are committed to developing products that offer greater value and manufacturing them with greater efficiency. We believe that a rising tide lifts all ships. To this end, we offer value and application engineering support, as well as fully custom extrusion profiles to solve any challenge. GLOBAL REACH, LOCAL CONTEXT YKK AP is a global company that operates at a local level. Consider it the best of both worlds: We leverage the resources of an international company with the relationships of a local branch. With this powerful combination of reach and context, we’re able to provide quality products perfectly matched to specific environmental settings. We understand the nuanced challenges and needs of the areas where we operate. Please note that while YKK AP America Inc. is a part of the global YKK AP group of companies, some projects tagged on Archello may be manufactured and facilitated by YKK AP Inc. To learn more about the global group, YKK AP Inc., go to www.ykkap.co.jp/company/en/index.html. To learn more about YKK AP America Inc., go to www.ykkap.com.
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