P-06 Atelier
P-06 Atelier

P-06 Atelier

Designers from pç guilherme gomes fernandes, 28A , Paço de Arcos, Portugal
P-06 Atelier is an international award-winning firm specializing in communication and environmental design on a wide range of scales.
Based in Lisbon, Portugal, the studio was founded in 2006 by partners Nuno Gusmão, Estela Estanislau, Pedro Anjos and Catarina Carreira. It has since undertaken a variety of projects from complex, large scale wayfinding systems, museum and exhibition design, to communication and editorial design for the printed page, with a bold, striking style that has garnered a number of distinctions.

P-06 Atelier actively engages in collaborations with architects, urbanists, landscape designers and engineers, in a continuous, seamless workflow with complementing disciplines, enriching the firm’s scope of work and amplifying every intervention’s outcomes.

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