PAD10 Architects + Designers

PAD10 Architects + Designers

Architects from 28 Jaber Al-Mubarak Street, Sharq, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Established in 2009, PAD10 operates from Kuwait City and Beirut (PAD7). PAD10 is an inter-disciplinary design practice with architects and graphic designers working side-by-side to communicate a rich visual and spatial world, where creative disciplines work in unison rather than in mutually exclusive spheres.

PAD10’s core belief is that each project and client are distinct in the challenges they pose, leading to unique interpretations and breeding inimitability to the project’s program and form. A rigorous understanding of the cultural surroundings, the political makeup, the economic infrastructure, the social superstructure, the programmatic pragmatics, and the client’s agenda form the framework within which the project is generated, with multiple iterations at work.

The projects, from small scale logotypes to large scale masterplans, share a rigorous process and dialogue with the client, interpreted into a unique experience that holds prejudice towards no criteria, except that of expected formalism.

PAD10’s engagement with its surroundings through participating in pro-bono design works, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and publications tune its professional practice with a critical outlook. Its open setup ensures optimal collaboration among its different team members, utilizing team-centric BIM (Building Information Modelling).

PAD10’s cultural insight on the milieu it operates in, is documented by the ‘the Kulture Files’, a pamphlet it curates and circulates.

PAD10 is contributor to the Venice Biennale 2016 ‘Reporting From The Front’; 3rd Kuwait Pavilion, entitled “Between East and West: A Gulf”.
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PAD10 Architects + Designers
28 Jaber Al-Mubarak Street, Sharq, Kuwait City, Kuwait