PAJ'Architecture / PiK'studio
PAJ'Architecture / PiK'studio

PAJ'Architecture / PiK'studio

Architects from 52 rue Basfroi, Paris, France
Studio of architecture, design and computer graphics created by Benjamin JAOUI, PAJ'Architecture / PiK'studio will be the ideal partner for your projects. 

From the study to delivery, we intervene in multiple scales, from design to architecture (scenography, interior design, consulting, computer graphics, project communication, etc.) as well as in collaboration but also in the communication and the valuation of the image. 

Our experience and our professionalism shall guide you throughout your projects. 
The attention to detail, the dialogue between syles, the intelligence of conception, the graphic sets, materials and environmental issues are at the center of the thought led within PAJ'Architecture. 

Strong of its pluridiciplinarity, PAJ'Architecture created PiK'studio, a studio of imaging digital technology, graphic design and visual communication. It will be the ideal partner for the relevant expression of your projects and a quality production.

The new technologies and the computerization are present within the studio allowing an effective and better adapted answer. 
So we master the technologies of 3D printings, industrial design, CAO / DAO / PAO, of simulations and three-dimensional animations which will come to strengthen the needs for your projects.
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