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Palami, JSC is manufacturing and trading in ultimate quality LED indoor and outdoor screens, flexible curtains and media façades. The company design LED technology solutions for stadiums, sport arenas, stages, architectural and advertising industries. The company has been working for 20 years on the market of technologies and trades its products all over the world, therefore we are considered to be the best experts in this field and have earned our customers' trust. Our achievements On a yearly basis, we patent and introduce at least one revolutionary product to the market. We were the first to introduce Flexible Curtain stage products to the market. We produce extremely slim and quick to assemble mobile screens. LED Media Façade LED solutions are also our designed and patented products, which boast extremely high resolution, can be used to cover the façade even of the largest buildings. Our products are traded all over the world and the growing number of countries use our supreme quality services. We are socially responsible by creating energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED technology. Not a single diode has broken down yet in our designed products operating in 24/7 regime for over 10 years under all kinds of weather conditions.
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