Parkin Architects is an employee-owned, award-winning, institutional architectural firm with a proven track record in practical, innovative and economical design. During a history spanning some 60 years, Parkin has designed some of Canada’s most notable buildings. Parkin specializes in architectural services for healthcare, recreational, research, justice and other institutional clients. Built on a history that reaches back to the 1940s, Parkin is a long-standing leader in its fields of expertise and well-known as the most health care specialized architect in Canada. Parkin’s Toronto, Ottawa and Vancover offices serve both its Canadian and international clients with the immediacy and attention of a local service. Parkin’s design influence can be found in eight of Canada’s provinces and Nunavut. Parkin’s clients include some of the foremost institutions inCanada, many of which have been with Parkin for more than 20 years. The wholly employee-owned firm is staffed with well over 100 experienced architects, designers, project managers, administrative staff, including LEED, Evidence Based Design and LEAN accredited professionals, many of whom are dedicated to specific market sectors. We believe in personalizing the design experience for clients and maintaining a hands-on approach to projects. Every project we undertake has the direct involvement of Directors and Principals. Promoting mutual trust, we address the full scope of a facility’s operational requirements, from addressing technology and space needs to optimizing everyday movements, as well as employee health, wellbeing and productivity. Our unique ability to provide truly meaningful services to our clients is largely derived from the partnerships that we foster with them. An award-winning industry leader, Parkin has participated in more than 1,000 projects over just the last decade. Our outstanding teams, integrity, proven practical approach, top-tier cost control and global insight enable us to deliver designs that reflect the unique needs and priorities of our clients.

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