Paulo Coelho, Lda.
Paulo Coelho, Lda.

Paulo Coelho, Lda.

Manufacturers from N/A, N/A, Portugal
Moved by the wish of developing a concept that adds value to the universe of lighting in Portugal, Paulo Alexandre Coelho was created in 1995, and still today the brand projects itself with a remarkable identity.
With our head office in Alcobaça, the Paulo Coelho® reunite in one space, with 1200m2 of covered area, We have the partnership between the design, the manual art, the know-how and the experience in the manufacturing of lighting pieces, we combine the handmade work with new lighting technology and the most exquisite and exclusive materials.

As an internationally known brand to our Lighting Distributors, Architects, Interiors Designers, Decorators, Industrial Designers, Hospitality and Restoration Professionals, Paulo Coelho® manufactures and sells decorative lighting articles, such as floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and ceiling flushes in four different styles: Contemporary, Modern, Classic and Rustic.

The reflex of a modern and highly competitive posture, the internationalization appearance has a natural prolongation of our enterprising initiative. This way we unite a set of solutions and diversified products which adapt to the most distinct environments and spaces.

Today, our export represents 80% of the turnover, Paulo Coelho® bet in a global communication that follow the tendencies, while surprising with a single concept, in some of the most relevant international fairs in decoration and lighting sector.

At commercial distribution, Paulo Coelho® is present around the world, like the European, Asian, Australian and African continents, principally in countries like Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Hungary, England, Netherland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Malta, Russia, Dubai and Angola.

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